When you enter the plane it's just like a regular flight, you sit in your place and wait for the instructions, the plane takes off and when it's in the air stable the casino gets open. You can gamble at the casino just like in regular casino, all the games are there, including slot machines, blackjack tables, craps tables, roulette and poker and even a room with a baccarat table for the wealthy folks. There's sometimes bingo and keno games and other special shows of well known artist. You spend all your vacation in the plane and after a few hours when it lands your back from a lovely vacation and all you did is to go up on a plane! No hotels, no crowd streets and a real casino without spending money at other countries.

If you are a true gambling fan this is the solution for you, don't spend hundreds of dollars of a vacation in Las Vegas, hop in to the nearest flight of a casino plane and start gambling. Think about, when you win you can literally jump to the sky, which casino did ever gave you an option like that?